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Kirkley Nursery & Centre of Excellence

Hedgehogs - 6months to 2.5years of age

Welcome to the Hedghogs

Hello my name is Kate and I am the room lead for the Hedgehogs

In Hedgehogs room we provide a natural, neutral place with natural light which provides a calm environment for the children to learn and feel relaxed in. We have a separate sleep room to ensure they have a relaxing calming rest whilst in Nursery. Our room within the Nursery offers opportunities which inspire a child’s curiosity for learning. We follow each child’s individual routine for a ‘home to home’ approach, to encourage a nurturing environment.

On a daily basis the staff encourage a language rich environment alongside opportunities to learn simple Makaton signs to support their communication.

We provide a range of fun and educational activities, resources, and experiences to meet children’s individual needs and interests. These are both adult led and child focused.

Children have the opportunity to explore our outdoor area every day and also have the chance to get messy. This could be anything from painting to using shaving foam to explore.

Using the indoor and outdoor environment, we provide opportunities for your child to learn from each of the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and we follow the ‘key person’ approach. Each child is allocated a key person from our staff, who builds a close relationship with the child and parent to make them feel happy and secure and to enable us to share information. We will work in partnership with you throughout your child’s time at our Nursery. When your child first starts we will discuss the best way of settling them into their new surroundings taking this new step at the child’s pace. This will help overcome any fears you may have and make your child’s introduction to Hedgehogs easy and enjoyable for both yourself and your child.

In Nursery we use an online learning journey system called Tapestry which will let you see what your child has been learning and doing whilst on their session. Tapestry also enables you to be able to put things on at home to inform your key worker what they have been enjoying whilst away from Nursery.

We look forward to meeting you!