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Kirkley Nursery & Centre of Excellence

A day at our Nursery

The Nursery is open from 8:00am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday 


A day at Nursery starts at 8:00am where children are able to join their friends for breakfast (additional charge of £1.00 for breakfast). 

9:00am we welcome more friends and all sit on the carpet to say good morning.

10:00am a healthy snack is served ranging from crackers and cheese to bread sticks and yoghurt. Fruit and milk are also served (snack served at no extra cost).

11:45am lunch is served. The children have the option of a hot meal supplied through the Nursery (additional cost of £2.30 over 2's and £1.70 under 2's) or bringing a packed lunch in from home.

1:00pm the morning session ends and the afternoon session starts. We say goodbye to some children and hello to others.

3:00pm another more substantial snack is served consisting of Bagels and cream cheese or wholemeal pittas and tuna or something similar (snack served at no extra cost).

4:30pm it's the end of the day for the children doing a short whole day.

5:00pm a light snack is served which could be a biscuit, cheese straws, sausage roll, scone or Oatcakes.

5:30pm Nursery closes and it's the end of the day for all children.